Inn to You

A Lakeside Cottage Novella

When a sexy silver fox temporarily returns to his hometown, only to discover his heart might not want him to leave again.

Noah Weller never expected to return to Lakeside. After years among the rich and famous as a hotel manager in Chicago, he finds himself taking a position at a historic inn in his former small town. It’s only meant to be temporary. Kissing the feisty innkeeper wasn’t part of his plan, either. Now, she’s all he can think about and it’s messing with his head.

Tessa Brogan loves her family’s inn. And when her uncle wants to sell, she’s in a scramble to save her home. Hiring a new manager was not part of her end goal. Neither was giving into the sexy silver fox one night in room 27. Now, she’s struggling to avoid him and protect her heart.

It’s only a couple kisses, but pesky hearts and unfamiliar emotions can get in the way when someone is into you.

*If you’ve read L.B. Dunbar’s Lakeside Cottage series, Inn To You falls between Learning at 40 and Loving at 40, but can be read as a standalone novella.